Comité Bellecour

Special event of demonstrations by talented artisans on Thursday June 8th at the D&D Building – NYC

We are delighted to welcome you to Comité Bellecour’s exhibition. Join us for a special event of demonstrations by talented artisans on Thursday June 8th 2-4 pm at the D&D Building, 979 Third Avenue, 14th Floor – NYC

VLD / Joël Orgiazz

Since more than a century, we benefited from the best craftsmen. Known for its mastery, VLD PARIS teams up with the greatest architects and designers to create made-to-measure products.

DECORATIVE LOCKSMITHING, a meticulous brass work. We create and renovate decorative brass objects treated with electrolyte deposite (nickel, chrome, gilt), or patinas (bronze, gunmetal grey). From private field to public, we are able of producing lamps, diverse furniture railings, bathroom furnitures, window displays, logos… and much more…

Joël Orgiazzi will draw blueprints for a wrought iron railing in the traditional French 18th century style.


Véronique de Soultrait

By dint of entwining the thread of her thoughts and her most nuanced ropes; by means of interweaving the tactile practices and techniques of yesteryear, Véronique de Soultrait has managed to conjure the artistic promise of the craftsman’s gesture and make marvels appear.

It is from her studio in Lyon that she defuses déjà vu with reliefs and renderings, drawing as much inspiration from spirals and the serpentine as from Mondrian’s love of the line. Wall decorations, partitions, doors and trellised panels have caught the eye of interior architects and designers and are now exported to places where beauty reigns from on high: from the banks of Paris to the great restaurants along the coast, from Shanghai to Dubai. – “It’s not because I aim for simplicity that I give into taking the easy route”…

Véronique de Soultrait will demonstrate rope marquetry, a unique technique of her own creation. De Soultrait will fashion new samples mixing different patterns of rope and gold braiding.


Atelier Viollet

Atelier Viollet has mastered a broad spectrum of materials and techniques including wood veneers, shagreen, straw marquetry, parchment, mica, gypsum and horn. Hailing from a small alpine town in France, Jean-Paul Viollet pulls his technical knowledge of furniture-making and joinery from his woodworking ancestors. Growing up in his father’s wood workshop, Viollet became acquainted with various techniques and developed a passion for handmade work. Now with New York’s Atelier Viollet, Jean-Paul strives to use his universe of materials to fabricate custom furniture pieces and interior panelling that emphasize sophisticated execution and discrete elegance.

Sandrine Viollet will illustrate the intricate piece-by-piece process of straw marquetry application in sunburst pattern.



ATELIER PREMIERE is known for its traditional know-how and special care of process.
From preparation of surfaces, research on the right material to the technique to reach the final decorative finishes, our plaster craftsman will deliver a custom finish in front of you.

Knowledge of special techniques, combined with respect of the processes gives the best result, durable in time.
This master gives the opportunity for our qualified artists explore their creativity to obtain innovative artworks.
All finishes are done by hand to give an artisanal feel to any interior.

Tomesz of Atelier Premiere will show how to play with plaster and create a custom pattern. Guided by a step by step process, he will work with the material to build a masterpiece.

The demonstration will yield a new finish to add to the collection.


Cannelle Poncin Germain

With watercolor and gouache, and a few other well-kept secrets, the gems come to life under the effect of the brushes. The most intense blue sapphires, the deepest emeralds … , each stone requires a special technique and attention to retranscribe the treasures of Mother Earth with the help of gouache. Because it is more than an illustration, the purpose of this art is to literally give life to the jewel, put on paper, as if the piece was in the hollow of your hands.
After centuries, this know-how is still sought after by the greatest, to sublimate their most majestic pieces. It is also thanks to her brushes that she translates the wildest desires of those who entrust their “precious” dreams to her. Sometimes rings, sometimes tiaras, they all come to life under her brushstroke.

Cannelle Poncin Germain will demonstrate a special technique of applying gouache to jewelry pieces and gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.