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Cristal Benito

Cristal Benito is the art of hand-cut crystal, passed down from father to son over 3 generations. Since 1952, José, Martin and Franck now create unique pieces and limited editions for decorators, interior designers, luxury stores, hotels and palaces, yachts…

At the head of the company since 2004, Franck Benito, Master of Art, keeps the art of cut crystal alive for a renowned international clientele, innovates in the creation of new styles of cutting and finishing while continuing to develop his own collections.

Timeless, Cristal Benito’s creations, in classic, art deco or contemporary style, sign elegant and luxurious interiors: wall sconces, vases, bowls, perfume eggs, caviar bars, but also spirit bottles and glasses, jewelry boxes, bathroom accessories… are all entirely handmade in Franck Benito’s workshop in Colombes (92), France.

The workshop: a manufacturing space and a creative laboratory

The crystal shapes are designed by Franck Benito and custom-made (mouth-blown crystal) by strictly selected manufacturers.
In the workshop, the patterns are then tansposed on the shape and cut with great precision by grinding wheels of different sizes until the desired brilliance is obtained. These grinding wheels are entirely adjusted and shaped by hand for each object and allow a deep cut of the crystal to the extreme limit of its resistance. This so-called “freehand” cutting gives each piece its unique identity.

Video : 3 major steps in handcut crystal

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