Interior decoration

Tournaire Décor

In 2022, Mathieu Tournaire launched Tournaire Décor, a new department dedicated to decoration within the Tournaire jewelry house. The motto of Tournaire Décor is “combining expertise”, combining jewellery techniques, and art crafts, sharing art and know-how to create unique decorative objects. Relying on ancestral techniques developed in his workshop as well as the most modern technologies, Mathieu Tournaire designs, models and sculpts everyday, constantly developing new ideas, “for pleasure and passion”. Art and decoration bring another dimension to the Tournaire House, and open the door to beautiful collaborations. While the jeweller sees himself as a “creator of memories”, for Mathieu Tournaire, “decoration embellishes everyday life”. Tournaire Décor will be the jewellery box for Tournaire’s new world.
Beyond jewelry, to which they have given a clearly identifiable style, Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire are constantly exploring new paths, creating new forms, using new techniques, always in research of innovation. It is this unique style, characterized by great freedom of expression and know-how that has become rare, which has attracted the interest of luxury houses, artists and decorators.

Form jewelery to work of art

For many years, Tournaire’s unique jeweler’s skills have been recognized in France and around the world, and have attracted the interest of major luxury brands and artists, with whom we have collaborated to create exceptional pieces, from accessories to objects and furniture. Today, on the strength of these successful collaborations, Tournaire has created Tournaire Décor, formalizing its entry into the world of decoration with a dedicated department.
From one collaboration to the next, the Tournaire universe has gradually expanded to include objects. As early as 1998, Philippe Tournaire created a seat for the collegiate church in Montbrison, the town where he had set up his workshop. His son Mathieu continues in this vein, collaborating with artists and prestigious houses. This sharing of arts and know-how has earned him a place at numerous art fairs and exhibitions.