Comité Bellecour, the art & the way

The Comité Bellecour is an association of art crafts that brings together companies that promote French know-how in the world of luxury on an international scale.

These craftsmen, recognized for their excellence, participate in prestigious projects around the world.

A showcase for French luxury

The Comité Bellecour, created in 1995 under the impetus of the great Lyon houses, asserts its will to share exceptional know-how. This association has recently opened up to other renowned French houses. Its objective is to be part of excellence and to promote “French luxury”.

Actions on an international scale

From this prestigious past, the region has inherited an unparalleled know-how and sensitivity and in the late 1990s, the Comité Bellecour aroused interest when the G8 was organized in Lyon. It then organized exhibitions around the world, always supported by the authorities of Greater Lyon and the Region: NYC, Shanghai, Moscow, Beirut, Dubai New York in 2012, Heritage Days in 2009.