Ateliers Bernard Pictet

Haute Couture Glass

Glass as an art

Glass has the ability to surprise and astonish. Our studio brings this potential to life through excellence in glassmaking. Is it metal? Textile? Stone? A piece of embroidery? A jewel? We explore every possibility to produce decorative glass that is exclusive, luxurious and entirely unexpected.

A studio in the heart of Paris

Established more than 40 years ago by Bernard Pictet, our studio is a leading name in the creation and production of cold-worked glass. Thanks to our command of traditional techniques, used alone or in combination, together with our capacity for invention and innovation, we offer several hundred decorative options. We also develop and make bespoke glass for architects and interior designers.

Unique techniques

Only custom-made pieces are produced in the workshop. The craftsmen know how to engrave, gild, sandblast and chisel glass, a material that requires extreme technicality and is worked to the millimeter. The latest techniques developed are diamond scraping and luminous superimpositions, the result of never-ending experimentation.