Specialising in the creation of top-of-the-range upholstery work, Jouffre apply their ancestral savoir-faire and technical virtuosity to the service of creation. Since 1987, they have been working with the greatest designers and interior architects throughout the world to create exceptional projects.

Passion as a vocation


JOUFFRE was established in 1987 in Lyon, a city with a major textile tradition and also the French silkstuffs capital. Renowned worldwide, JOUFFRE specializes in high-class upholstery, both traditional and contemporary. The same passion has driven Charles JOUFFRE and his teams for more than 30 years. They respect age-old savoir-faire in order to serve demanding international clients. With workshops in Lyon and New York, but also showrooms in Paris and central Manhattan, the firm works for designers worldwide but also for hotel proprietors, public agencies and individuals. JOUFFRE constantly combines centu – ries-old know-how and the latest exper – tise to design innovative, exceptional décors. Each creation is of outstanding quality and utterly unique, perpetuating the prestige of this fine craft.


At Jouffre, an understanding of art history is melded with respect for lines and proportions. Each upholsterer possesses equal mastery of traditional and contemporary techniques, and treats sofas and chairs with the utmost care. Whether restoring a period chair or finishing a contemporary design, each detail is preciously highlighted, with comfort that is ever more advanced, subtle, and resistant and, at all times, wholly in keeping with the sketch supplied by the interior designer or product designer.

Conception d'un siège
Gabarit - ateliers Jouffre

Window Treatment

Jouffre’s upholsterers (seamstresses and quilters) master to perfection the art of fine handicraft, both traditional and contemporary. Whether a drape, a curtain, a blind, a bedspread or simply a cushion; an application of trim, some embroidery or a subtle play of pleats, each execution and each detail is designed with the greatest of care.

Décor traditionnel
Confection d'un rideau


The art of stretched fabric, widespread from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, is enjoying a revival. Its thermal and acoustic properties are today appreciated and sought after by the finest interior designers. Jouffre has thus acquired advanced expertise in this area, so that they may transform any room – traditional or contemporary – into a haven of peace where elegance is blended with the calm and subdued atmosphere that one expects.

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