Ateliers VLD – Joël Orgiazzi

Creator and restorer of metal works, decorative locksmithing, ironwork, and fine metalwork

Our expertise

From 18th-century private mansions to the most contemporary decorations, the VLD – JOËL ORGIAZZI workshops have been pursuing their quest for excellence for decades. VLD, specialists in fine locksmithing, and Orgiazzi, experts in artistic ironwork have been combined into a single company since 2016 for offering global proficiency in the world of creative metalwork.

Each project is seen as a challenge to be met. Always paying close attention to our clients, we constantly offerhigh standards and care in designing, producing, and finishing our works.

In our workshops, we work and shape all kinds of metal, brass, bronze, copper, and steel. Our companions, artistic locksmiths or blacksmiths, have all received top-level training and are well aware of the company’s high requirements. They make sure that operations are carried out perfectly and systematically correspond to the greatest French traditions.

grille du louvre

At the bedside of heritage

Our company is also renowned in the field of heritage restoration, from the Louvre Museum to the Château ofVaux le Vicomte or even Notre Dame Cathedral, we regularly intervene to restore old ironwork in these historic monuments.

Restoration requires very special expertise, with our long history and more than 50 years of experience, we provide our clients with recognized know-how in the field of conserving works of art.

“Grids, railings, lighting, pieces of furniture… all our work is related to architecture. The artistic ironworker starts from the raw material: iron bars and coal, which he transforms from A to Z, into decorative works or the most refined furniture. Forge work is at the heart of ironwork, you have to love it. With passion. »


Champion craftsman of France

Classicism and style

French style, especially from the 17th and 18th centuries, is recognized throughout the world, it is a reference for many architects who design projects for their clients that have been inspired by French castles and monuments.

Our workshops specialized from their very beginning in the purest classic style and owe their reputation to the exceptional works accomplished both in France and internationally.

Heirs of French ironwork, we take very special care in executing our works, every part is conceived with rigor, and then drawn, traced, and forged by a team of exceptional craftsmen.

Trends and creativity

In a concern for developing our profession and remaining faithful to current trends, the VLD ORGIAZZI workshops are constantly searching for new creations.

Contemporary designs, development of innovative models, experimenting with hammered or chiseled materials, or even developing patinas with acid or torches, everything is done in our workshops to contribute to offering our customers exceptional and systematically unique works.

Our company works for renowned decorators around the world, often on private projects but also for luxury hotels, castles, and prestigious villas.

Goldsmithing as a stamp

Making dreams come true to satisfy our customers … this is the challenge that VLD has set itself. Creating elegant and functional bespoke furniture in solid bronze, with invisible assembly systems, imagining brass display cases like that of Dior in Paris with glass and lighting inlays, or even creating jewelry-style lighting for luxury hotels with cutouts as fine as lace, our workshop always brings the greatest refinement to its creations in terms of design, construction, and finishing. Mirror polishing, gilding, medal bronzing, gun barrel bluing, or even silvering, everything here is imagined as if it were a goldsmith’s work of art.

Ateliers VLD - Joël Orgiazzi

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