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Véronique de Soultrait

At the heart of the Véronique de Soultrait workshop, a new craft skill was born: thread and rope marquetry.

Wall panels, screens, headboards, drawer fronts…, Véronique de Soultrait imagines numerous creations, as elegant as they are refined, intended for the high end of the decoration market. Inspired by the work of lace and macramé, she enriches the traditional work of knitting by applying it to rope, borrowing from marquetry and trimmings for unique decorations resulting from a skilful blend. In a dialogue with the material, this former painter-decorator plays with the textures, personalizes each work and takes care of the smallest detail. A passionate artist, the new “cordelière” applies her 100% French artisanal know-how to design and interior decoration from her workshop in Lyon. A very personal, rigorous, demanding, perfectionist and refined know-how, in the image of its creator.

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By dint of entwining the thread of her thoughts and her most nuanced ropes; by means of interweaving the tactile practices and techniques of yesteryear, Véronique de Soultrait has managed to conjure the artistic promise of the craftsman’s gesture and make marvels appear.

It is from her studio in Lyon that she defuses déjà vu with reliefs and renderings, drawing as much inspiration from spirals and the serpentine as from Mondrian’s love of the line. Wall decorations, partitions, doors and trellised panels have caught the eye of interior architects and designers and are now exported to places where beauty reigns from on high: from the banks of Paris to the great restaurants along the coast, from Shanghai to Dubai.

"My goal is to create beauty and play with established codes"

I like simplicity, and to bring to this work an element of lightness and improvisation. Given the heart, the rigour and the investment we put into each project, we don’t need to construct pretentious speeches or concepts to our clients and partners.

Between the fingers of Véronique and her team, rope becomes an ornamental material with which anything is possible. Research at the confluence of marquetry, trimmings, braiding and embroidery always leads to the desired acme under the fortunate patronage of serendipity:

“We experiment a lot without using a lot of tools. And above all, we have developed little secrets to ensure our works’ durability!

What a thrill it is to see a three-metre door being erected from a small sample of string. It is the feeling of a musician who creates a little melody in his corner, and who discovers it sung in the opera.

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