Ornamental Plasterers since 1948

Rouveure Marquez

Maison Rouveure Marquez specializes in fibrous plaster and acoustic ceilings for interior design projects.

Our teams of plasterers and installers are passionate and work on projects throughout France, Switzerland and around the world. Thanks to their decades of experience, Rouveure Marquez have recognized first-class know-how for individuals and professionals projects.

A house of historic know-how created in 1948

For decades, our studio has valued the ancestral, meticulous and fascinating know-how of fibrous plaster work.

Over the years, developing in France and then internationally, Rouveure Marquez has marked the interior design of hotels, restaurants, shops, theaters and homes with its very particular imprint.

Through projects designed by renowned and talented architects, Rouveure Marquez offers classic and contemporary creations, atypical, meticulous or grandiose, thus enhancing interior spaces for professionals or individuals.

Classic fibrous plaster

Cornices, moldings, rosettes and ornamental decorations.

Rouveure Marquez produces meticulous and unique creations to adorn walls and ceilings, for interior decor in a classic style.

Maison Rouveure Marquez is made up of fibrous plaster specialists, strong in ancestral know-how to work on restoration of old creations, reproduction of identical original elements or creation of new sets.

In illustration: private property

Contemporary fibrous plaster

Bespoke creations of shapes, coverings, columns…

For interiors with magnified volumes, Rouveure Marquez work with architects on renovation projects of emblematic places integrating bespoke creations made of fibrous plaster.

Fibrous plaster is a malleable material and can follow all your imaginations through curves and fluid lines, circular ceilings and luminous cornices, graphic and relief patterns.

In illustration: Montelimar Theater

Acoustic ceilings

For public places where traffic is heavy and acoustics essential, the Rouveure Marquez team is certified Rockfon Mono® Acoustic approved installer.

Mono® Acoustic solutions make it possible to obtain monolithic ceilings integrating intelligent lighting and blending perfectly with bespoke fibrous plaster creations, a material with also recognized acoustic advantages.

In illustration : Caveau du Château Guigal

Fibrous plaster, a material with multiple possibilities

Both aesthetics and technique: insulating, waterproof and fireproof.

Fibrous plaster, “the white gold”, is a flexible material made up of Plaster pr Paris (POP) and vegetable fibers. It is used to make precise ornamental elements such as wall friezes, rosettes, vaults and pilasters.

A material without limits, it is increasingly used in contemporary architectural creations; ceiling, wall cladding, fireplaces, stairs, to highlight the volume of a space and design unique places.

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