Manufacture of exceptional jewel cases

It was in 1984 that Daniel Moevus founded the cabinetmaking workshop that bears his name. He was at the origin of the reputation of «Maître boîtier » that the company still possesses thanks to its desire for perfection constantly renewed over the years.
Today Moevus serves the greatest names of luxury, in France and internationally, in the field of cigars, fine jewellery and fine watchmaking.

More than 30 years of search for perfection

Behind every innovation an art craftsman expressed himself

In our workshop, each Artisan expresses the summit of his art, and this for many years. Everyone shares in the team the passion of their profession. Everyone is involved in the realization of customer projects. We allow every potential to be expressed and thus innovate, preserve and nurture human commitment.

Today’s innovation will be tomorrow’s tradition

To enable us to offer the most exceptional achievements, we are committed to using state-of-the-art equipment. We do not hesitate to think outside the box to give birth to the dreams of our clients, while preserving the artisanal aspect of our work.

Mastering a wide variety of materials allows us to combine natural and technical materials in the same project.

Thus, we offer a vast field of possibilities to the artistic directions of our clients.

To infinity, dangle the perfect reflection

The art of lacquering is the mastery of a traditional gesture combined with the most modern techniques.

We give a lot of space to finishing. Specialized in the art of lacquering, we repeat traditional gestures and mix them with the most technological processes to embellish and decorate surfaces. Thus we create an exceptional tactile relationship with the boxes we manufacture.

The art of building images

The marquetry is a decoration made with wood veneers and many materials: straw, mother-of-pearl, glass, metal, carbon, tobacco leaf or textiles.

Paying tribute to nature

Cabinetmaking is the art of restoring the nobility of wood species.

The tree is a living being that expresses itself according to the conditions in which it grew: temperature, humidity, wealth or poverty of the soil. Each veneer sheet must be treated with respect to its origins, strength and fragility, colour and drawings. Our role is to give him back his Soul.

Distinctive signs

The perfection of the object lies in the meticulous attention to detail

We give a fundamental place to the finishing of our products: Beauty» and the watchmaking precision of the installation of our hinges, the damping «air cushion» of the closure of our lids and the perfection of the cladding are the three essential points of our know-how.

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