3D Fonderie

From the idea to Reality

French foundry located in the center of the Loire (42), 3D Fonderie produces pieces using the lost wax foundry process. This process allows us to create any type of shape, but also to obtain an
exceptional level of detail, whatever the quantity produced. The lost wax foundry also allows to create unique pieces as well as pieces in average and large series.
We put new technologies such as 3D design and augmented reality at the service of our creations.

3D Fonderie is able, in that way, to provide innovative solutions to achieve your projects.

The expertise and know-how of our artisans make it possible to give life to all your ideas, sketches or drawings, whatever their level of complexity.

Our knowledge and technical expertise allow us to meet the requirements of many activities such as the fashion or decoration industry and many others field of foundry. We produce pieces for various sectors such as fashion, goldsmithing, jewellery, decoration, cosmetics and table art.

Research and development division

At 3D Fonderie, innovation is one of the greatest commitment. Our priority is to use and develop the best technologies to offer you highest quality.

Our first aim is to offer you unique solutions to meet your expectations.

Our Research and Development division has technical and technological capabilities to meet all your desires. We carry out your tailor-made and customized projects, from the idea to the final piece.

Our design office offers models and prototypes in a few days, whether they are ornamental or functional parts.

  • Creation and conception
  • 3D scanning
  • Scan drawing
  • Augmented reality
  • 3D impression

Our foundry workshop

Our workshop holds a foundry unit that can hold up to 25 kg of molten metal, as well as cylinders ranging from 100 mm diameter by 100 mm height and up to 400 mm diameter to 800 mm height.The size of the cylinders is adapted to your projects and pieces to realize.

The 3D Fonderie manufacture is also able to manage the creation of silicone moulds, casting, assembly, machining, as well as finishing.

The skills and tools of our employees allow us to shape your foundries pieces and to meet all the requirements of the art world but also the rigor of the luxury universe.

  • Foundry
  • Assembly and Finishing
  • Machining and 3D engraving

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