Exhibition in Geneva "A Designer A Craftsman, A Work"

The Comité Bellecour, an association of crafts, continues to export its expertise around the world. He settles for the first time in Geneva on 15 and 16 April next, in the heart of Sicli Pavilion with an exhibition « Un Designer, Un Artisan, Une Oeuvre » ("A Designer A Craftsman, A Work").

This new exhibition format highlights work from renowned designers and craftsmen from Comité Bellecour to make 4 hands a common work. The exhibition is targeted architects, designers, specifiers, gallery ... Without revealing all participants include House Tassinari & Chatel who worked with Ryan McGinness, an American painter of genius, to transcribe his thoughts on a silk damask or Charles Jouffre who made the sofa designed by architect Bruno Moinard. Ancestral knowledge and contemporary art mingle, meet and respond. Their expertise is unique, excellence is their credo, the French luxury their leitmotif.

The artisans of Comité Bellecour manufacture exclusively in the Lyon region, exporting around the world: the United States in the Middle East through Asia. Around the world, amateurs and connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship make them build their palaces, hotels, offices, decorate their park their wrought iron gates ... This strong international openness makes these true artisans Ambassadors of luxury made in Lyon.

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