« French Kiss », Architecture collection
Philippe Tournaire

In his own way the "jewelry builder" Philippe TOURNAIRE has imagined the most everlasting solitaire. And for sure the proudest. Everlasting and immutable like the lovers meeting under the Eiffel Tower, between its four feet in order to seal their love with a kiss. The jeweler has for always been fascinated by the buildings and other architectures, he is also inevitably captivated by the Eiffel Tower which is this tall and powerful Iron Lady proud up on her steel heels. Being always curious, Philippe TOURNAIRE has one day imagined turning it inside out to observe her better. That is how the desire of setting the most precious gemstone in between these 4 square shape corners was born, related to the mutual commitment. Magnificent solitaire for fulfilled lovers. Powerful and slender as her elder, French Kiss was born!

  • Architectural Digest show
  •  Hand-knotted rug
  • Homedecor by Jouffre Ateliers Créatifs
  • kitchen & Corian®
  • ArtyBrunch
  • Rouveure Marquez rewarded for gypsum art
  • Video interview on BFM TV
  • Figaro Magazine Rhone Alps 3 June 2016
  • Elsa Vanier
  • Article in Le progrès newspaper
  • Heritage Fair
  • Architectural Digest