Art cabinet making since 1885


Founded in 1885 in Bourg-en-Bresse, Moissonnier creates furniture for customers looking for the exceptional.

Mastering all the art trades related to woodworking (cabinetmaking, marquetry, sculpture, patinas…), the company is able to carry out with quality, flexibility and reactivity high quality projects, for individuals or professionals (hotels and restaurants, offices, stores…).

A reference in the French art of living

Located in the heart of a forest area, Moissonnier works with wood with passion and high standards. More than a century old, the company draws its creativity from its perfect mastery of the cabinetmaking trades and its ability to divert them. Combining heritage, eclecticism and audacity, Moissonnier is inspired by the spirit of the times and couture to renew the world of art cabinetmaking. From its workshops come pieces of high quality, entirely handcrafted and bearing the house stamp.

Historical style and creative audacity

At the crossroads of historical styles and avant-garde aesthetics, Moissonnier traces its own path, marked by emotion, inspiration, dreams, the offbeat, but also the requirement. A requirement carried to the smallest detail, which translates into the perfect mastery of all the craftsmanship related to woodworking, but also by a commitment to preserve its environment. All these values make Moissonnier a timeless brand. A signature, synonymous with boldness and customization, affixed to a complete collection of furniture, but also a brand name for all architects-decorators wishing to meet a manufacturer capable of achieving the originality of their designs.

Moissonnier - Ambiance maison de famille
Commode L.XV
Mur de boiserie de style Régence
Bibliothèque encastrée sur tr

From furniture to woodwork

As an extension of its original trade, Moissonnier also produces all types of stylish woodwork in France and abroad: wood paneling walls, bookcases, fireplaces, dressing rooms, as well as kitchen and bathroom furniture. Thus, thanks to its unique know-how, the “patina of the present time”, Moissonnier’s stylish woodwork have their own personality, as indefinable as it is recognizable.

An international clientele

Moissonnier has been a Living Heritage Company since 2010 and attracts customers looking for exceptional products well beyond France’s borders. More than 80% of the company’s sales are generated abroad. This international development illustrates the dynamism of a company which, thanks to the know-how of its craftsmen and the determination of its managers, has always been able to reinvent itself.

Moissonnier - atelier patine
Moissonnier - sculpture

A set of skills aimed at excellence

Cutting, grinding, mounting, carving and finishing… the craftsmen of the company are holders of rare skills and master the gestures specific to the company, which shape a unique patina, absolutely recognizable. The recipes and habits are the fruit of years of practice and remain the best kept secret of the manufacture.