Art Lighting and Decorative Hardware

Baguès Paris and Bronzes de France

Since 1840, Baguès Paris and Bronze de France specialize in art lighting and decorative hardware in bronze, brass and iron. Our collection includes more than 20,000 models: classical (Louis XVI, Louis XV, Empire), modern (Art Deco, Art Nouveau) and contemporary.

Benefiting from the savoir-faire of the 19th century, perfection, excellence and innovation are the guiding principles behind our work. Our teams share the same passion, perpetuating the tradition and savoir-faire, to offer the best quality for the best interiors.

The very best of craftsmanship to serve your project's needs

Lost wax and sand casting, precision welding, chasing, polishing, gilding and patinas… Bronzes de France is proud of its rich heritage. In order to meet the most specific requirements, the workshop now uses digital techniques that allow the creation of new designs or modification of existing models.

Bespoke service to meet your project needs

Our workshop has an in-house design and engineering department. We are able to create according to drawings, sketches or simple ideas. It is also possible to adapt models, to reproduce existing parts identically or to restore period parts. Our 30 standard finishes make it possible to adapt all models for even more possibilities.

Maison Bagues

Baguès Paris offers a wide range of lighting in bronze, fine ironwork, alabaster and crystal. Today, Baguès is pursuing the edition of its oldest models and also offers its services for the creation of bespoke lighting.

Maison Bronzes de France

Bronzes de France offers a large collection of classic chiseled bronze models. Over the years, Bronzes de France has been able to meet the new demand for modern and contemporary pieces with minimalist designs.