Philippe Tournaire

Before taking up sculpturing precious metals, Philippe Tournaire has been willing to understand the world. His fascination has encouraged him to understand how the first human beings used to make objects according to primitive methods (and transformed it into sets of jewels and other adornments...). Today, Philippe Tournaire does not hesitate to use ancestral but also avant-garde techniques, a combination giving his jewels an incomparable depiction.

Dream craftsman since more than 40 years, Philippe Tournaire has set up his rules of harmony: symbolic architectures, colors combination, perfection of details...He has built the basis of a style, from one jewel to the other he has created "the TOURNAIRE spirit": strong, unique and precious.

The jeweler-builder builds. He builds endlessly, with serenity, assurance and generosity. One after the other, he has laid the foundations of his jewelry.

One by one he has prepared the ground for his life. Patiently and always following his nose, he has built a company by passing his know-how on his jewelers craftsmen's team working in his workshops located in Montbrison in the Loire. Nowadays Tournaire has 5 stores in France, one of them being located Place Vendôme.

TOURNAIRE House of Jewelry has gained a strong popularity in France and abroad. It is one of the only 3 French jewelry brands to be able to claim success with 3 labels: "Living Heritage Company", "French jewelry Seal of Approval" and "Master Art Craftsman". It also has been several times awarded on the international stage. The "French Kiss" ring has recently won "the Best Design Award" twice.

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