Atelier Moissonnier

Marquetry, creating and manufacturing furniture, style arrangement.

This is the name of a family of cabinetmakers became a brand, a reference of excellence that expresses in the most beautiful interiors of the world, quality and luxury « Made in France ».


ORIGINS: Based  in France, to Bourg-en-Bresse since 1885, Moissonnier works the wood with passion and requirement. The company draws its creative energy in the mastery of Crafts and recognition of the time spent on the work. At the origins of each Moissonnier furniture, there is the hand and heart of the craftsman, luxury detail and beautiful work.


TIMELESSNESS: Each year Moissonnier renews its range of forms by creating new furniture or wearing a fresh take on classic one. The emblem of this work, the dresser 573 Louis XV style lends itself to all daring and fancies of the house when it is adorned with a décor inspired by a Ming dynasty porcelain or it takes a pattern panther.


KNOW-HOW: With the assistance of its artisans, Moissonnier demonstrated his talent by giving the honor waxed patina, revisiting the Empire style or spirit of the Italian Baroque. His mastery of lines and proportions, as far as finishes and sculpture ...make  a unique business know-how, in the great tradition of Decorative Arts.


ORIGINALITY: Between unique pieces and audacious creations, Moissonnier cultivates a singular alchemy. At the crossroads of historical styles and avant-garde aesthetics, its furniture gives new life to tradition. By a set of rare patinas and finishes inspired by contemporary art or fashion, Moissonnier marks his time.


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