Laurence Oppermann

A creator of contemporary jewellery, Laurence Oppermann works with gold and silver, her favourite materials, using a broad range of classical jewellery as well as traditional silversmith trade techniques.She graduated at Geneva School of Decorative Arts.

Laurence Oppermann jewels are the result of an infinite quest for forms and  purity of lines that she combines with an advanced mastery of cast and hammered metal.
She also likes using innovative textiles in her creations.
Her rings, necklaces, pendants, are unique pieces produced on limited series only.
Her approach to the Jewel has a sculptural spirit.
Her work is easily recognized by the subtle move from one volume to another really characteristic of some pieces like the "Carrément Rond " rings (meaning ...’in Straight Round and Square’) or the "Mine d’Or" rings (‘Gold Mine’ rings).

Whatever the pieces, whether the “Constellation”-, “Mine d’Or”- or “Quelque part au milieu des étoiles”- (‘Somewhere in the Middle of the Stars’) rings and bracelets, all of them call to mind recipients, divine vessels or night skies, thus conjuring up some unique inner self-explorations.
Her latest works: Nids (Nests) and Battement de Coeur (Hartbeat) collections are innovative ‘jewellery objects’.

The ‘Atelier Laurence Oppermann’ was created in 1999 in Lyon, a baroque city with a strong historical jewellery tradition. Every piece of jewellery is entirely hand-made by Laurence Oppermann in her Lyon workshop. Therefore every jewel is a unique piece.
Bold because architectural, her inventions attract an initiated clientele.
For several years now her work has been present in jewellery galleries, in Museum shops (Musée Georges Pompidou- Paris / Musée Guggenheim- Bilbao) and in design shops.
Laurence Oppermann’s jewels are exhibited and sold internationally.
France prize winner at the Home and Object 2002 Artwork Fair, she was also awarded the 2003 Lyon Designer Label.



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