Yesterday, today, tomorrow: the French luxury showcase

It all began in the sixteenth century with royal factory and warehouse for silk in Lyon. It's in the secrecy of the workshops which are developed the most luxurious and finest silks. With Lyon and its region, the taste of French is exported worldwide.

From this prestigious past, the region has inherited expertise and unmatched sensitivity and in the late 90s, Bellecour Committee has raised interest in organizing the G8 in Lyon. He then organized exhibitions in the world, always supported by the bodies of Grand Lyon and the Region: NYC, Shanghai, Moscow, Beirut, Dubai and finally New York in 2012, not to mention the Heritage Days exhibition 2009, and in the Paris office of Grand Lyon in 2010.
Our region has gained acclaim not only in the field of silk but also jewelery, crafts, fashion, furniture, design ... It is also a territory prospective and she looks to the future.

It embodies undoubtedly the "French touch" that went around the world. The Bellecour Committee, today 18 companies from several departments of the Rhône-Alpes region representing nearly 400 employees for a turnover of 50m euros.

The specificity of Committee members is based on a sharp know-how and often exclusive: carpenter, cabinetmaker, exceptional arranger, custom furniture designer, decorative marble cutter, glass blower, Hardware, worked with gold leaf, draped curtains with exceptional fabrics and expertly engraved glasses and customized for a luxury brand, wooden bathtubs rot, staff ceilings, master paintings restoration through scientific techniques and "know-how" unusual , gold leaf frames, jewelry made entirely in Lyon ... as many jobs often requiring hundreds of hours of work.